As a service member, you do not give up your God-given, constitutionally protected religious liberties.  Do you know what these liberties are?  Do you know what to do if those liberties have been violated?  Click here for more information.

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If you have legal questions or are seeking legal advice or assistance with regard to your religious liberties or living out your faith in the military, please fill out this form.  Your request will be reviewed by the legal staff of Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal ministry that specializes in defending religious liberties and the free exercise of religion.

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By submitting this form, I agree that I have not entered into an attorney client relationship with Alliance Defending Freedom, that Alliance Defending Freedom does not represent me, and that no representations have been made to me indicating that Alliance Defending Freedom will undertake legal representation of any party in the matter described. I understand that information provided by me may be shared with third parties to determine whether Alliance Defending Freedom may represent me without coming into conflict with the interests of their existing clients. If Alliance Defending Freedom, in its sole discretion, agrees to undertake legal representation on this matter, that agreement will be set forth in a separate written document.


We need your support.  We are on the front lines defending the religious liberties of military chaplains and those whom they serve.  Join us in prayer and financial support to make sure that no American, especially those who serve our nation, are denied their constitutionally protected rights to freely exercise their religious beliefs.  Please make your tax deductible contribution by mailing your check to Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, P.O. Box 151353, Alexandria, Virginia 22315 or by using the forms below for giving by credit card or debit card.  Thank you in advance for your generous support.

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