Here's just a small sampling of the stories chaplains have to tell.


Chaplain (Colonel) Ron A. Crews, United States Army (Retired)

Ron Crews talks about the work of a chaplain and their involvement in the soldier's lives. 


Chaplain (Lieutenant Commander) David A. Crum, United States Navy (Retired)

David Crum recalls the Vietnam war and shows respect to those who have died for us, in regards to fallen soldiers and Christ.


Chaplain (ColONEL) Frederick L. Hudson, United States Army (Retired)

Fred Hudson tells a story of a fallen soldier that had been baptized in the desert by a chaplain. After his death, the family found hope and comfort in knowing that the soldier had grown close to the chaplain and Christ before his death.


Col. John Schumacher, a Vietnam soldier and chaplain, shares about a fallen soldier that had supposedly died and the impact Col. Schumacher had on the fallen soldier's wife's life.

Chaplain Alliance For Religious Liberty

Carrying high the torch of religious liberty for all service members